NCAA Youth Apparel Grant

Greetings from NCAA Football! As a part of our youth initiative, NCAA Football awards deserving youth football teams with college replica uniforms produced by Russell Athletic. To qualify for an apparel grant, teams must demonstrate the following: 1. Be a youth football organization in good standing with its program and directly serve youth ages 5-14 2. Prove that an apparel grant would impact the organization in at least one of the following ways: · Help to develop a new program · Increase the number of participants in an existing program · Decrease overall cost of the program for youth/families · Enhance the experience to retain youth in program · Promote academic excellence 3. Provide itemized annual budget and financial statements to include projected source of funding and items of expense The grant application is available on our website ( If you know a youth football league or team that could benefit from NCAA Football’s apparel grant, please forward this information as well as the link above. Applications are due Tuesday, April 30.